St. Bernadette Schools Ipaja


SBS LogoSt. Bernadette Schools Ipaja is the citadel of academic excellence. For 35 years we have been nurturing, training and molding children leading and guiding them to attain fulfillment in life and education. We have a team of dedicated and committed Educators who are actively involved with the learning and development of the pupils. We have a conducive environment and there is no comprise on the safety of pupils. Our curriculum is a blend of Nigerian and British curriculum hence we adopted and implemented the International Primary Curriculum.


To create a learning environment which maximizes individual potential to meet the challenges of education and life.


St Bernadette School Ipaja was established in 1983. The school was founded by Mrs Clementina Abeke Doregos out of her passion for children and the teaching profession. She believes the only way she can touch the lives of many is through establishing a quality school that will teach children not only to read and write but to also here good morals, ethic and culture.


St Bernadette School strives on academic excellence. We belief that investing in quality, delivering performance yields success for pupils hence giving the educators job satisfaction. Hence, we promote a safe, orderly, caring and supportive environment. Each pupil’s self-esteem is fostered by positive relationships with home and school. We redirect our focus to pupils and their learning processes. We seek to create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through development, appropriate instructions that allows for individual differences and learning styles.


B – Belief
E – Excellence
R – Resourceful
N – Noble
I – Integrity
E – Ethical