St. Bernadette School Akoka


SBS LogoSt. Bernadette School, Akoka, has been existing for the past three decades. We pride ourselves in educating a diverse group of gifted pupils with a range of strengths, interests and learning experiences. Our expanded curriculum centres on traditional scholastic subjects which stimulates young minds and nurturing healthy emotional development.

We recognized that all pupils have unique characteristics which must be tapped. Hence our crop of dedicated teachers and expanded curriculum includes a wider extra curricula activity which helps to expose our pupils. Moreover, through a broad range of experiences in and outside the school, pupils are made to become more confident, optimistic and independently minded to find their place in society.


“To create a learning environment which maximizes individual’s potential to meet the challenges of life and education”.


The school was established on the 9th of September, 1980 by Mrs. Doregos Clementina Abeke. Her unflinching desire to see to the upliftment of children and contribute to their moral development has been a motivating force in doing so. This has been pursued with relentless vig   our.


We welcome you to this proficient and award winning citadel of learning, where emphasis is placed on the total development of the child. We create a stimulating learning environment which helps the child to see learning as an easy going exercise. With our dedicated and experienced teachers whose obligation is to ensure that pupils are prepared to acknowledge and respect the diverse world in which we live, emphasis is therefore placed on the CORE VALUES such as: Belief, Excellence, Resourcefulness, Nobility, Integrity and Ethics, which has been explored to its fullest point helping us to provide education “that is second to none in Nigeria and abroad.”


B – Belief
E – Excellence
R – Resourceful
N – Noble
I – Integrity
E – Ethical